• Lodging

    Everything is there to make your stay comfortable; cotton sheets and feathered duvets, spacious and calm rooms, the ardent flames of late evening fires, animated dinners and “digestifs”; in short, we are at your service.

  • rooms

    Restful peace is what we offer.

    While geese and ducks enjoy the fresh grass, you are sleeping like a log.

    Ten guests capacity with four rooms upstairs, one at ground level. All rooms with Queen beds.

    Extra space for your kids, how many have you got again ?

    Private or semi-private bathrooms.

  • few drops of lavender

    anything else ?...

  • to the living room ?

    A hockey final, its here.

    World news. Weather reports.

    Afternoon Tv soap, then a small nap.

    Take it easy.

    Wifi all around.

  • daydreaming

    To top it off, a soothing herbal tea shared with your loved ones, while the day is vanishing, prepare you for a restful sleep.

  • and if we ...